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Questions and Answers with Dennis Kruissen!

Check out our Q&A with Dennis Kruissen!!

A few weeks ago I posted a remix by Dennis Kruissen that I have been downright obsessed with. Since then I was lucky enough to get a little Q&A going with Mr. Kruissen. AWESOME. So for those of you who, like me, needed to know more about this mysterious and talented artist, take a look below! DennisKruissen2 But first, a face to a name! Let’s start with the basics. The internet says you’re from…

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Set of the Week: Lexer at Greifswald on November 22nd 2013

Set of the Week: #Lexer at Greifswald on November 22nd 2013


I’m thinkin’ a weekly featured set may be in order around here. So let’s start this new tradition with a fantastic set by German Deep House art Lexer, who I mentioned recently in an article about Dennis Kruissen’s remix of Red Balloon.

This set is truly incredible. The soundcloud post has more that 420,000 listens, 13,000 likes and over 1,000 comments. Nearly every comment is that of love and…

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